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I'm 5'11" lbs210 with good muscle build, but.....
I recently (past 2 months) started working a new job, I work in paper mills and other factories around the country. This job is 6 days a week of extremely hard activity, up and down stairs, pulling huge wrenches, lugging heavy tools every where. My problem is i can tell I'm gaining small amounts of muscle but no matter what I eat I seem to be gaining fat as well. A perfect diet is a little hard staying in hotels every day of the week. any advise. I just would assume i would have been losing fat not gaining.

ps. Im diabetic and yes i stay plenty hydrated.

I think a protein focused diet would work best for you.
If you have to eat out all the time, practice ordering only what you want,
when I order ribs someplace, that's all I have them bring me, no fries or anything just ribs.
I once reduced from 310 pounds to 215 in 4 months by eating just meat and drinking juices, and I actually increased all my lifts.
I developed a personal program called " smaller-stronger-faster" and have practiced it ever since.
So..just cut way back on carbs, eat  mostly protein and eat it first in a meal.

If you can, get your carbs from fruit juices instead of eating a lot of mass vegetable matter.

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