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QUESTION: I was wondering when doing bench pressing and other exercises to what degree reps help while maintaining the same weight? Lets say someone is using a log or something outdoors that you can't really increase the weight on. Is there a formula to tell the rate of increased reps and sets with a single amount of weight that is equal to fixing the sets and reps, but increasing the weight by a standard increment?

ANSWER: Hi James,

Each time you lift even if the weight is the same the muscle is contracted and relaxed and damaged slightly. If you lift the same weight or add weight the muuscle is still damaged and the body then must reapir the muscle.

The body repairs the damage and makes sure to repair the muscle stronger than it was, so the next time the muscle is not damaged as much if you lift the same amount the same number of times, However if you lift he same weight even 1 more rep you may be able to cause more miceo damage to the muscle and therefore cause the body to restore it at a higher level Having less rest between sets and reps can also increase intensity which is what you need to prgress.

By the way if you were outside and needed to increase weight to make your workout better, you just find a heavier log, or tie a small log onto the big one, therhe is pretty much always a way to increase resistance.

Hope this helps

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: What if i wanted to carve handles into the log or something? If I were to get a new log it would be a pain to constantly need to create new grips on it. lol.

Hi James,

If the one source is really all you have which is extremely doubtful then you can "adjust" intensity by decreasing or increasing the time of rest between the reps and sets. The "intensity" is in almost all cases as imoportant if not more so than the actual weight unless you are trying to becoem a power lifter and are just going for extreme strength but not so much fitness or overall health.

You can also adjust the intensity of the lift by simply lifting the weight slower and holding it longer, as I said there are always ways to increase the "intensity", it just may take a little ingenuity on your part.

In the case of carving out handles, you could also carve out a space where rocks or other type of weight could be added to the log, You could hollow it out slightly and add weight like rocks in the hollowed part.

Creativity and a little ingenuity is the key when it comes to "homemade" weight training devices. Do though make sure your device is safe.

Hope this helps,

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