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I am 31 years old and healthy and in good shape right now .But i want to loose 7 pounds.I am not in any excercise routine currently but i want to start one as summers are here.Two years back from now when before i concieved my second child i was doing strenght and cardio routine to lose weight and i had good success.What i was doing was 6 days of excercise routine alternating with cardio and strenght so if 1 day i did cardio i was doing strenght next day.I again want to start excercising and i am thinking about doing 30 minutes of interval training and 30 minutes of cardio daily for 5 days in a week but i want to ask which is a better option for the weight loss the one which is alternating strength and cardio for 6 days a week the one that i was doing before or 30 minute interval and 30 minute strength daily ?


So the first thing you should think about is whatever program you do chose, to start it up slowly.  For example, start with, say, 10 mins of cardio the first day, and add a couple to it each time.  Progressively increase until you hit your time goal.  I cannot stress this progressive structure enough, for both cardio and strength training, both in terms of intensity (e.g. speed, weights, reps, sets) and duration of exercise.

The best method for loosing weight is to do weights before cardio.  Your body uses much of its fuel during weightlifting, so cardio afterwards is more likely to use a backup source - fat.  So given your ideas for exercising, try this:

Day 1:  weights, cardio
Day 2:  cardio/interval training
Day 3:  weights, cardio
Day 4:  cardio/interval training
Day 5:  weights, cardio
Day 6 (optional): cardio/interval training
Day 7 rest

On the days in which cardio/interval training is performed alone, you will be able to attack it more intensely than on the days which it was coupled with weightlifting.

Just remember to warm-up on each exercise you do, and always stretch at the end - it will help with recovery, increase flexibility, and help prevent injury.  Always be consistent with your routine, and give yourself a few months to start seeing results.


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Your reply was very professional and helpful.Thanks a lot for this.
I want to ask you ,that i understand that the routine that you gave me is an alternation of weight -cardio combo and cardio alone.
But what is it ok to do the combo daily,i mean if i do 1 hour of workout daily during which i would do 30 minutes of weight followed by 30 minutes of cardio for 5 days a week rather,will this routine could be more effective for the weight loss?

Hi Shipra,

I hesitate to say that one method is "better" than another because there are a few variables here.  When you lift weights, you want to give your body a bit of time to recover before you directly use those same muscles again.  So it really depends which muscle groups you put together during a workout, as well as how intensely you lift.  I personally have never recommended anyone lift weights everyday, only that they exercise most days of the week.  But does that mean there aren't people who do lift and do cardio, as you ask?  Of course there are.  There's a million different schedules you could choose from, but what is really important is to exercise most days of the week.  I will say that in general, doing cardio and weights is a better one-two combo than performing either exclusively.  Some people will benefit from one way better than the other, depending on how their body responds to the exercise.

The most important thing is that you pick one workout schedule, and stick with it for 2-3 months consistently.  Consistency is usually the hardest challenge of all.  That, and a good diet.  As long as you keep that in mind, and are determined to succeed, you'll do well regardless of which plan you choose.


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