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I have joined gym in December 2011 for weight lifting and i continued till March 2013. i decided to take 2 months gap.During this time i gained my weight about 9 kg.s from 39 kgs. to 48 kgas.

now i ma losing my muscle please suggests me exercise to follow at home & give me some diet tips as i ma strict vegetarian.


Exercises: Reverse grip pulls, parallel bar dips, pushups with your feet propped up, jump squats, and regular crunches.

Diet tips: Cut refined sugar, lower salt intake, lower saturated fat intake.

Protein: eggs, milk, legumes, lentils, rice.

Carbs: Whole wheat, veggies, fruits, beans, rice.

Here's a good resource: http://www.how2muscleguide.com/muscle-building-tips-blog.html

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