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I am 72 and have been lifting for 25 years. This last year I started loosing my arm tightness and elasticity in my skin. Where the upper portion of my biceps meet the upper part of my chest, the bicep is starting to sag (old age)(HELP if possible)adding to that i have a bad left shoulder that has cut my weights poundage back in some cases 80% which has caused me to loose strength, a long with a few other problems to numerous to mention (tough getting old). Can i do anything about the sagging biceps.
Thank you, Stan

Getting old is like standing in a slow fire, like burning and melting in slow motion.
Our bodies require different stimuli after a point, you have to stop doing the same exercises you've done for 50 years
You've literally worn out that mechanism.
The hardest thing to do is let go mentally of those exercises you built yourself with.
The best approach for you, is to focus on tightening up and conditioning your body as a unit,
Meaning, no isolation exercises, and in fact, far fewer exercises than you're used to.
This may seem radical at first but consider it.
Do ONE exercise as your weight workout.
I do what's called the "muscle snatch"
You pull the weight off the floor quickly, you do not rebend your legs, or "clean" the bar...
You snatch it to about chin or eye level and then press it out.
This stimulates the whole body and you can use lighter weights while applying maximum power.
This also rotates your shoulders through their proper range of motion, directly addressing
Your bicep chest deltoid tie in areas.
I lift as the mood moves me, sometimes staying at 145 for as many sets as I feel good about, occaisionally
Amping it up to 315.
My girlfriend who is 57, works up to 125 and then leg presses  700 for sets of 3, she freaks out the
20 year-old bodybuilders in the gym....
Another thing, I only do singles in the musclesnatch, the key is your application of power over several sets
And use whatever weight feels right, if you have to use 50 pounds, it doesn't  matter, you'll benefit from doing it.

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