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I am 31 years old,healthy and in good shape right now.But i want to loose 7 pounds.I am not in any excercise routine currently but i want to start one as summers are here.Two years back from now when before i concieved my second child i was doing strenght and cardio routine to lose weight and i had good success.What i was doing was 6 days of excercise routine alternating with cardio and strenght so if 1 day i did cardio i was doing strenght next day.I again want to start excercising and i am thinking about doing 30 minutes of interval training and 30 minutes of cardio daily for 5 days in a week but i want to ask which is a better option for the weight loss the one which is alternating strength and cardio for 6 days a week the one that i was doing before or 30 minute interval and 30 minute strength daily ?

You are very determined to shed some pounds as I can see from your inquiry, good for you. So what you have presented to me in the 2 different scenarios are both very good, which is better however is hard to say. There are good points to both and trial and error are what is needed as nobody can say that anyones body will respond specifically in a particular way. I would invite you to try both and see which is more effective. Better yet would be combining them or even alternating them. This is good not only to break up the monotony but to not allow your body to get used to a particular routine. It is necessary to periodically shock your body as it will get used to a particular routine and eventually stop yielding results until changed. Several people have written me questions similar to this that I invite you to read on here as there is a lot of valuable information in them. I will tell you that the best type of exercise to burn fat is to do bursts of all out exercise for a couple minutes or even one minute followed by short durations of easier exercise for a few minutes again followed by all out effort. For instance run all out for a minute as fast as possible followed by a fast walk for a couple minutes, followed by another sprint. You should see and feel the results fairly quickly using this approach. I hope this information was useful to you, good luck.


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