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Each day, I dedicate my 45 minutes to exercise like ab crunches, push ups, stretches & jogging.
I want to know that how to convert my 45 minutes for these exercises.
I should start with which exercise and what will be next exercise and their duration too.


Hello there, let me start by saying I am not sure exactly what you are asking but I will try to guess based on what little information you have given me to go by. What I think you are asking is in what order should the listed exercises be done in? First I would say jog in place or go for a short run to warm-up. Then you want to be sure to stretch thoroughly, legs as well as arms and shoulders. Then go bang out some pull-ups and push-ups (in which ever order you prefer) and finally go for a long run. Doing crunches when you return is a great way to cool down prior to doing your cool-down stretch. Ali, dont forget to work your legs. Do some squats and lunges with just your body weight or while holding something for added resistence. Three sets should be fine for all these activites, if you are really in shape you can do more sets and /or reps or change it up by say doing push-ups with your feet elevated and pull-ups with weights around your waste on a belt if you have access to one. Keep plugging away and sweat hard.


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