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"I'm 43, lifted weights most of my life, coach, teacher, married with two kids, involved in church, we travel throughout the spring because my daughter is a top national volleyball player. I'm type A. Suffer from periodic anxiety.  After football season nov. 2012, I began jogging five miles a day. My legs became extremely tight, and jan. 4th. I got really sick. Was a virus. Anxiety kicked in. Then feb. 12 my dad passed away..which is still tough.  My legs are coming back to me, but the last three to four weeks my arms feel very fatigued.  Three weeks ago, after my workout, both hand started tingling and fingers drawing up. It was like my arms were on overload.  It has happened every so often over the past 20 years. I have not lifted in about two weeks.  My biceps and triceps still feel tired. I was signing out football players in the gym today and my right tricep was burning.  I have energy, I have not lost any strength.  I want to go lift, but I know that after one set I would be fried.  I'm scheduled for a deep tissue massage on Friday.  I had one three weeks ago on my legs and it worked great and the therapist said I was tied with the worst she had ever seen.  She worked my upper body and said the same thing. However she has not dealt with my arms. She will Friday. So, have I seriously overtrained. Again, my energy level is good.  It is just that my muscles won't let me go.  If overtrained how long should I rest.?  I use to workout five days a week, arms two to three times a week.  I appreciate your attention and expertise.  I really want to know if you have seen this before and I' not crazy. Thanks soo much!"

and was asked on 06/03/2013

Hello Toby

Wow, you have had more than a normal share of challenges in your life. Yes, loss of any family member is definitely tough. You really never completely get over your loss.

No, you are not crazy. What is happening is a combination of age, and metabolism. That is, every year we grow older - all of us - our metabolism gradually slows down. It is like this; you grow up, around age 18-21. For the rest of your life, what you see in the mirror is the same body for the rest of your lifetime. Once you 'grow up,' your metabolism very slowly drops lower and lower.

Since this decline in metabolism is so gradual, taking years and years, your body strength goes less and less, but you do not even realize it. It is that gradual. One day you reach 60, and older, and what exercising you did at age 40, is now a challenge.

AS we grow older, exercising greatly SLOWS this decline in loss of strength. Again, with proper exercising, when you reach age 60, your 'level' of strength, of course, is less. But it is higher than other people your age. Which greatly separates you from others. So when you reach 60, your body is of a 40-year-old. And THAT difference is a BIG DEAL when you are age 70 and older.

So what to do? The key to all of this is adequate rest. That is, the older you get, the more REST you need between weight lifting. I lift once a week. I KEEP most of the strength and definitely KEEP the mass I have built up over the years. Rule of life is; you lift weights up to age 40 because you want to. You lift weights over age 40 because you HAVE to.

I started lifting at age 35. By age 50, my lifting peaked at 580 lbs. From age 50, to age 60, I gradually lifted less and less. Just got too challenging. AND I had to lift less because my body size just got too big. Could not even sit in a chair! Now, at 61, I am lifting 220 lbs. And yes, my strength is less. But amazingly, my size has stayed the same. I am big, and muscular. My body is not shrinking as I see in so many other people my age. Cannot wait to see what happens when I turn age 70 and older.

So bottom line is; keep lifting. Just lift once a week.

Now another factor to keep in mind. AEROBICS. As your metabolism goes slower and slower, aerobics is also very important to daily push the metabolism back up again. Higher metabolism makes the body healthier. You cannot 'naturally' let yourself grow older "gracefully" as people like to call it. Aerobics WILL keep your body healthier when dealing with injuries and sickness, as we ALL are affected by from time to time in our lives.

How much aerobics? 10-15 minutes a day is all you need. Stationary bike, Gazelle machine, and so on. Something that moves both the legs and the arms. I HATE treadmills. You slam your bone joints together and when you get old, your joints grind together. I also use a horizontal leg press machine, 100 reps, light weights. REALLY pushes the metabolism up when you combine light weights and aerobics. No need to push to exhaustion, such as spinning. Again, a little goes a long way. Rest, is the key.

I hope this helps. Again, sorry for your loss.

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