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Weightlifting & Exercise/What are some excerzises to do to get rid of the underarm flab?


Hi I'm 24 female. 5"1 116 lbs
I don't have money to go to the gym.
What are some excerzises that will help me loose my flabs, and gentle tone my upper arms.
I'm not looking to look like a body builder just slightly toned,
Like celebreties like shakira, Jessica alba, etc.
how many pounds should I lift? How many reps?
Should my excerzises be fast or slow


To lose "flab" or body fat, the idea is to create a calorie deficit by either eating less, or, by exercising more.

The exercises you choose to lose "flab" can be as simple as fast pace walking, sprinting, jogging, swimming.

To tone your arms use this site and check out the workout routines:

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