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QUESTION: Hi, I'm a 66 yr. old male who had a triple bypass 2 yrs. ago. I went back to the gym in Jan. and started working out again. I was 181 lbs. then as of this morning I was 209,I cant figure out how come I'm putting on weight. I walk to the gym 2 which is 2 miles, work out for 2 hrs. 4 times a week and work at a job 3 days a week! I should be loosing, I seat leg squat 540 lbs. t bar lift 235, cardio on stationary bike for 1/2 hr. after every workout, how come I'm gaining weight?? Thanks in advance for any help. Al

ANSWER: What type of weight are you gaining?
Your body could be retaining fluids as a response to the trauma of the surgery, or your metabolism has been altered as a result of the surgery...causing you to store more fat..or you could just be finding the right formula for you, to gain muscle, especially with increased blood flow from your repaired heart.
I recommend asking your doctor the same question. He can run tests and figure it out more succinctly than my guessing.
Keep lifting and good luck.

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QUESTION: Vveth,do you have any routines for old farts like myself, or know of any? Thanks Al.

I have been giving some thought to programs tailored to getting older.
One aspect of aging is that you need more recovery time.
In fact, I've learned that most people are working out too often, no matter their age.
When I went to lifting heavy only once a week, all my weights went up.
You can lift once a week and do stretching and cardio a couple days a week and actually make strength gains.
This mode of training works especially well for us guys who are getting older.
When I was 23 I lifted every day and was very strong. At 53 I lift once a week, and AM STRONGER now.
What routine you do will depend on your goals for working out...you can do some general conditioning
Three days a week and feel pretty good, or mix it up, like I said, I still lift very heavy, but only once a week.
I still use some basic ideology from the past eras of strongmen, Paul Anderson, Bob Hoffman(the York barbell club) Vaseli Alexyeev, and Bulgarian weightlifting methods...and Arthur Saxon, Herman goerner..etc..
These and experience are my teachers.
So..whatever goal you have, I believe I can engineer a viable routine..

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