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Hi Greg,

I am male, 34, 5'9, 180 lbs.  One year ago this week I was 230 lbs.  I lost 50 lbs by simply cutting out ALL junk food, including juices.  I did not exercise whatsoever.  

I had hit a plateau at 180 so I decided to join a boot camp 2 weeks ago.  It's 5 days a week, 1 hour a day, of cardio and weight training.  It's hell, but strangely, I really, really enjoy it.  

My weight hasn't changed at all.  I can't imagine I put on any significant amount of muscle yet.  I can only attribute this plateau to my 40 mg of paxil/day.  What do you think?



Hi SK,

Thanks for writing.  I want to immediately congratulate you on your conscience efforts to get your health in gear!  It’s quite amazing what just a few, simple changes in your diet can make to your overall body composition, and quite frankly, your overall health!  Good for you!

Now, let’s get to your questions.  Firstly, I cannot comment on anything drug prescription related (Paxil), and I suggest you speak with your physician if you have any questions regarding that.  I can only address exercise related questions, which is what I will do.

In most cases, 2 weeks of beginning a new training regime is too early to notice any gains (or losses).  This could be due to different reasons.   In general, you can safely gain up to 1-2 pounds of muscle per week following a proper exercise and diet plan.  This alone could offset any weight loss over these two weeks.  Since 2 weeks is too soon to really know for sure, you should try to stick with a proper training regime (as it sounds like you are on) for 2-3 months before deciding to make any changes in your training (although bootcamp may decrease this time if done very intensely).  This is usually long enough to notice any gains or losses (or…nothing), and you can revisit ideas of changes to your training then.

So in summary, stick with your training as you can, and speak with your physician about any drug-related questions you may have.  If everything is ok, revisit your training in a couple of months if you don’t see the gains or losses you are looking for.  

Just remember to drink plenty of water!  A gallon a day is a good idea!  And always watch your diet.

And finally, don’t always use the scale as “proof” of hard work.  The mirror never lies.


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