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Do you know if anyone has created instructions for building a bench press out of a log? I'd like to get a log that weighs about 150lbs for starters, but am concerned about it being symetrical and not having internal pest problems.

Hi James,

I have not heard of anyone doing that specifically, however I have seen and used plenty of "improvised" workout equipment, including buckets, concrete blocks, iron pipes, trailer axles and a whole lot of other stuff. Tree branches were one of my favorite things to hang from in the woods, but I did not use them for bench presses. There is a company that makes a special tool to make log furniture, not sure if it would work to make a bench press or not. If you just go out in the woods and grab a log, then you are probably going to have internal pests, but you can buy quality and often guaranteed pest free logs from a reputable lumber mill. Look for places that sell rough-cut lumber, we have one not far from the house here in Georgia.

I will check around here and see if I can find anyone doing anything with bench press and logs, but right off hand I don't know of anyone.

Have a great day


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