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QUESTION: Hey Karen, so I'm an incoming, college freshman as well as an army ROTC cadet.  As you can guess, I've been working very hard this summer to get in shape for ROTC. My sit-ups and running are coming along great (in fact I just got a 12:44 two mile, besting the PT high score by 16 seconds), push-ups on the other hand aren't going as great. I've been doing them since about may and I am currently on my second attempt at the popular 100 push-up challenge 6 week, 3 days a week, workout. Im almost positive I've hit a very tough plateau as I've been on week 6 for about 4 weeks now, unable to complete each days workout completely. In fact, it seems it's almost getting harder. A perfect score in the army is 72 push-ups and I'm struggling to get 60 even after more than a summers worth of work.  Also I leave for school in a week but would really appreciate some sort of plateau busting workout or any tips to help further prepare me for this year.  Thanks alot!!

ANSWER: Spencer,
What exactly is your workout?  That will help me make suggestions.  Sorry it took me so long.

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QUESTION: Well each week it follows a pattern of Monday - 5 sets, each having a high number of reps, then Wednesday is 9 sets with lower reps, Friday mimicking Wednesday save for higher reps in each of the 9 sets. At first I was stuck in Mondays workout, so I did that for about two weeks until I could get it then I had to do the same process for the "Wednesday" workout and now I'm stuck on the "Friday workout". This week I tried to follow a workout more like a "Monday", meaning low sets but high reps thinking it will switch things up a bit and allow me to complete the workout given for Fridays. I'm sorry if this was all confusing, you can see the workout online at hundredpushups.com
Thanks, and you weren't late at all!

What exercises are you doing? Are you working chest alone? How many body parts, what specific exercises.  For example

Monday. 3 sets of each exercise with heavy weights. 10 reps.
Chest press
Pec dec
Tricep work
Back rows

Do you lift AND DO PUSH UPS?

That's what I need to understand.  

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