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I have just moved into a new apartment that comes with a private gym facilities so I thought at 24 years old, I should start thinking about my physique. Thing is, I am embarrassed about my current situation for being skinny (with just a little bit of tummy) and nonathletic abilities. I do 10 minutes jog at least three times a week but not really on any strength training so you can say that I am embarrassed to begin.

My main concern is where do I begin? As in how much weights should i start lifting? Or which contraptions should I began first? I am just very lost in the whole gym atmosphere and hope you can guide a beginner on taking his first step.

Thanks a lot


I discovered long ago, that lifting is almost totally dependant upon your mind.
Be embarrassed, and work through it, workout no matter what.
I do not know what kind of facilities you have, but I'm not a fan of contraptions..machines.
If actual barbells are available, that's where you start.
And start light, easy weight.
I started lifting with 70 pounds, I could barely hold it over my head.
Last week I went for a maximum, I push pressed 465 pounds overhead.
All it takes is persistence and Will.
If you can only lift the empty bar, who really cares? You are beginning.
I recommend some "old school"  lifting..
Just one lift to begin.
Only do 3 repetitions at a time for 9 sets.
Do it Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Add weight whenever you can.
Do this for at least 6 months.
If you do it properly adding weight as you can, you'll get bigger, stronger
And be more athletic.
Eat well..throw in a little extra protein, from food, not suppliments.
If you want to, get a one-a-day vitamin/mineral and take it...
Once a week.
You can look online for examples of how to do the lift, watch them all...
Read whatever you can about it and focus when you do it.
Have fun, relax..but apply your will and you will win.

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