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I am 55. My knees are functional, but cannot take any type of impact, even walking, stationary cycling, or using an elliptical is not an option. What can I do for exercise, preferably at home?

Hey Bud,

Sorry to hear about your knees, it sucks when you want to get into a certain activity and something like that can get in the way.. Now lets get down to seeing some options and alternatives so we don't aggravate your knee further.

1) The first thing I would ask is to see your  doctor first who would give the ok you to permit physical activity and tell you what is permitted and not permitted so you don't further injure it. It is good to at least get an assessment just to see the strength and integrity of the joint in your knee to see the extent of damage. (physical therapists are good for that)

2) Now you mentioned your knee is functional..However you cannot walk or use an elliptical so I have some doubts how functional how it can be. Does it hurt after 5 minutes of walking, or does it hurt instantly from the start of walking? Is it the front of the knee bothering you, the side of the knee or the back? This is an important thing to find out because we do not want to injure you further.

3) Swimming is a good alternative since it isn't a weight bearing exercise and will not stress the knee as walking/running/cycling would. If you have an arena near your place with a pool this could be an ideal activity once your doctor has cleared you.

The rule of thumb is to avoid the activity causing the pain, so if it is knee flexion activity bothering you, avoid that movement. Also apply the RICE principle if your joint has inflammation ( Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).  If it does continue to hurt,avoid flexion exercises of the knee,  doing  exercises of leg abduction and leg adduction can work because there is not much pressure at the knee joint ( I will assume here it is the front of the knee  that is injured since it was not specified.

4) a Fitness rower is also a good  cardiovascular activity as an alternative since it uses the upper body not the lower body.  

I know you asked for exercises at home but I would not recommend too much on your leg until it is fully assessed. I hope this helps and please get it checked out.

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