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I was wondering how fast/large will my muscle grow without taking protein powder as opposed to taking protein powder (according to the general guideline of 1 g protein per 1 lb of body weight).

Furthermore, I don't eat mega amounts of protein per day either to satisfy the above guideline.  I just eat a balanced diet.

Will my strength and muscle grow, or just an increase in strength, or maybe neither?

I love to do push ups, situps, bench press and other dumbbell exercises.  I'm also trying to accomplish one stinkin' chin up!

Thank you.


1 gram of protein for every 1 pound of body weight is the typical guideline that most recommend, however, 1 gram for every 2 pounds of body weight IS sufficient.

Furthermore, protein powder is simply used for convenience. You can get protein from protein powder, regular milk, cheese, meat, whatever you want...

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