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QUESTION: Im great fond of foot-ball and i play it daily for almost an our.
The problem is i am 19 (south-asian) and under-wieght. My actual weight is 47.5 Kg and my height is 5.5. Moreover, i also do little chin ups, pull ups and push ups. All such things make me bony specifiaclly on uper body. So plz suggest me a better way out to maintain my physical body balance. I eat to much fruits, breads, enregy drinks and shakes but it is not working. HELP ME!!!!

ANSWER: Hello Azfar

Chin ups, pull ups and push ups are combining aerobics and weightlifting. To get weight (more muscle mass), lift weights. Anything that has weight; pails of water, rocks, weight plates, will work. Weight is weight to the human body. And lift once a week. You build muscles when you are resting, not during the lifting. Forget the energy drinks and protein shakes. Save your money. Drink water instead.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: How much water (in liters) i have to drink in the day, and describe me the intervals between taking glasses  of water?
A simple question, if i do not take rich protien food, how could i build my muscles? I am under weight......
Can u explain the chemistry of taking a lot of water in buliding attractive body?
And plz send me some links and video tutorials for explaing my critical situation. THNX and i found that you are good.......

4-ounces of water every hour will be fine.

When we eat - anything - we break down the food into various chemicals. We do not directly absorb protein. We absorb chemicals from the protein. We MAKE the protein we need.

So when people drink protein shakes, they do not directly absorb protein. So save your money.  

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OK, now I am 62-YEARS-OLD. Retired at age 60! I have been lifting weights for 28 years. I have learned 'first-hand' which exercises work, which do not. Exercises that you do NOT need to attend a gym to achieve, exercises that you will use very minimal equipment, and exercises for people with limitations such as sickness, age, and/or injuries. I can especially tell you which exercise machine you see in magazines or on tv; REALLY work. I have tried most everything myself.

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