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Hello Daniel. My name is Sean I am 21 and my fitness goals are too build muscle and be athletically fit for sports, specifically for mma and soccer. In other words, I want to gain mass and still be able to move around fast, be versatile, and have great conditioning. Right now, I am at 160 lbs. My goal is to reach anything from 175-185 lbs. I am researching on what kind of workouts I want implement for my regiment. I'm kind of at a loss right now and new some help. So what kind of exercises should I add? What should my diet and supplements consist of?

On another note, I am battling a shoulder injury that I've had for 5 years now. Originally it was nothing more than a stinger, but to this day it's a bit sensitive. I have gotten an MRI done before and the results were negative for any serious injury. I get a sharp pain only when I move my arm behind my heard whenever I want to stretch my shoulders. Other than that it doesn't bother me and it's fine when I lift too. I can however, tell the difference I'm the strength of one shoulder to the other. What can I do to improve the strength in my shoulder.

Hey Sean

Ok I will answer in point form since you have several different questions

I'd recommend you take a look at your shoulder with a qualified professional physical therapist and just be careful training the shoulder. in MMA you need to keep your hands up at all times when your blocking strikes and going for punches and its a lot of shoulder work because you got to keep those hands up. In UFC MMA matches I think its 3, 5 minute rounds so to keep your arms up needs endurance from your shoulders. From what you are telling me if there is a muscle imbalance you need to correct those issues before lifting heavy. Shoulder injuries are extremely annoying and once injured there is an increased likelihood of repeated injury so its better to take care of it first.  There is no point to lift for mass if you are going to re injure the same area,.

2.) once your shoulder is checked out, Id say the best way to put on mass while being agile,versatile and conditioning is to first implement a 4-6 week stabilization program. Whole body exercises of 12-20 reps (1-2set) using whole body exercises are the best way for this because you will save time working multiple muscle groups and train your muscles to work as a group rather then in isolation. Some suggestions are the squat to bicep curl to overhead press and the lunge to overhead press. 8-10 resistance exercises using large muscle groups is recommended at the start and 2-4 sets per muscle. So you can do 2 sets of bench press and then 2 sets of cable flys for example for your chest

For incorporating Agility,Plyometric and speed training the best thing is to incorporate technique work at the start. The 1-3-5 wall drill is a good start  for speed training because it will help teach your body proper speed mechanics which is what you need in  acceleration for a lot of speed sports (such as soccer). Another drill that works on speed is called 10-10-10, you can use this on a field. For 10 yards you run to accelerate to pick up top speed, 10 yards you maintain the top speed and the last 10 yards you use to decelerate.  Agility drills such as the T-Drill is a good drill for soccer because it works on change of direction. These are some examples, if you need anymore just ask me.

As for diet and nutrition, I can give guidelines but specific meal plans is best left to a nutritionist or dietitian. You should try to maintain a diet of 50-60% of calories coming from Carbohydrates such as whole grain,whole wheat,brown rice,sweet potato, Quinoa. Your fat intake should be around 20-35% and try to include healthy fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.Some examples are sunflower oil,safflower oil,avocado. Protein should be about 10-15% intake of your total calories. Use foods like chicken breast, milk 1%, beef, healthy fish (tuna/salmon). It takes approximatly 2,500 kcals if I am not mistaken to gain 1 pound of muscle so your total calories per week need to have 2,500 kcals. In other words about 400kcals extra that your eating per day. To lose 1 pound of fat takes about 3,500 kcals

Hope this helps. As for specific meal plans try to see a nutritionist/dietitican here and they may be able to help you with your gains specifically.

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