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Hello, Karen Fili Sullivan

I recently started going to the gym ( after several years ).

I started out with lower back exercises. I wanted to use the barbell to perform deadlifts but there was not a single barbell available at that time, so I decided to do my deadlifts using dumbbells instead.

When I was doing the deadlifts with the dumbbells I felt pain in my ( right ) knee. I do not see any connection between my back and my ( right ) knee, and I'd like to know what I did wrong.

It helped to reduce the weight, but I'd like to know what was the cause of the pain in my knee ( bad technique, lack of warmup etc )

Thank you

You familiar with the children's song "the hip bones connected to the leg bone?" Well, that is how it works. This is called the kinetic chain.  Yes, the back can affect the knee and it works the other way around too. The erector spinea, gluteus, hamstrings all tie into the knee. The hamstring (muscle running down back to the legs) has an origin point on the pelvis and the femur with an insertion at the other end of the thigh on the femur and the tibia. (Behind the knee).

You may have twisted slightly, had your knees locked straight, or did too heavy as a start. It's impossible to say without having seen you doing the exercise. This is my first thing I watch for with a client. So, now that the damage is done you need to get it to heal.

1. Rest
2. Ice
3. Elevation

I would not stretch until pain lessens. When you do stretch start by lying on the floor and pull your knees into your chest. Then cross one ankle over into opposite knee.  Pull that opposite knee into chest and stretch the butt. Any butt, IT band stretch is good.  Once you feel release do a stretch in the hamstring that releases the whole muscle. Standing with Heel on floor....bend down so you feel stretch in your hamstring up into your butt.  Then straighten the knee to get hamstring to release behind the knee. GENTLY. Never bounce. Be easy. Be gentle. 3 times for each leg...3 times a day.

Hope this helps.
Be Well!

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