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QUESTION: Hello, Vveth Hammer

I recently started going to the gym ( after several years ).

I started out with lower back exercises. I wanted to use the barbell to perform deadlifts but there was not a single barbell available at that time, so I decided to do my deadlifts using dumbbells instead.

When I was doing the deadlifts with the dumbbells I felt pain in my ( right ) knee. I do not see any connection between my back and my ( right ) knee, and I'd like to know what I did wrong.

It helped to reduce the weight, but I'd like to know what was the cause of the pain in my knee ( bad technique, lack of warmup etc )

Thank you

ANSWER: the deadlift works a lot of muscles, shoulders, arms, hips, back, abs, legs... you may not feel this if you use the barbell exclusively, or you might be lifting too light with the bar to understand this.
using dumbells adds a different component, it demands even more muscle be used, it adds dimension to the movement.
you probably were out of position, most commonly a knee injury when deadlifting happens when your toes and knees are not pointing in the same direction, this alignment can be critical, depending on your personal structure, and dumbells will demand you focus harder on positioning yourelf, there is more likelihood that you'll move around, even fractionally, and that could be enough to tweak something.
the technique I use when pulling heavy bells, is to put them directly at the side of each foot, and maintain a "neutral grip" palm facing into my body. remember to pre-flex, tense up the abs and butt, drive as if you were driving your legs thru the floor, and squeeze with your hands...lockout by firmly flexing your hips forwards, looking up, shoulders back or in a neutral position.

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I appreciate your answer.

Is there any website that shows this dumbbell deadlifting technique with images?
It would be helpful to get a full grasp of the technique before I try this again.

Thanks, again

check out strongman sites or just type in dumbbell deadlifts. look at a number of pictures and then experiment with light bells to get the right position, remember some basics though, knees and feet tracking together, squeeze the bells off the floor and squeeze with your hands, flex the abs and butt, lock the hips and look up.
I also used to enjoy doing one hand deadlifts, you do those by straddling the dumbbell ... something else you might play with for variety...

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