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I am an overweight (working on it) 55 year old rec hockey player. I am not too bad either, but I have one issue to overcome. I think it is related to my weight and my lower back, which has been injured in the past and gets stiff after sitting, and the fact that I sit for 10 hours a day as a bus driver. I am hoping you can show me some stretches or exercises to help.
When I come to a stop after retrieving the puck, I have the bad habit of stopping and looking to make good pass. Honestly, I also use the opportunity to rest, as my back doesnt want to keep moving!! Then, it is hard to get going again. I know I should probably stay in motion, but not as easy as it sounds. What can I do, as for stretches or exercises, to help me go from a stopped position, usually wide leg, back to motion again?

welcome to the club.
as I answer this I chuckle about my own 54 year-old body and how I wake up and start stretching every morning.....
for your back...
it's abdomenal exercises, my favorite sequence is this:
I do knee ups first, it's simply standing and bringing your knee up to hip level and then kind of jamming(not slamming) the ball of the foot down, this hits the hips and obliques and activates that abdomenal region neurologically. I'll do 100 of these on average.
then I lay down, this might get a little tricky...but I put a 45 pound plate on my shins and bring my knees up towards the chest, careful not to let the plate slip arbout. this really hits my lower abs and stabilizes the back. you can do that move without weight, it will still work your lower abs.
the only stretch I do consistently is the sumo stretch, yes it's what sumos do. it consists of spreading your legs as far apart as possible while maintaining some tension in the muscles, I start standing up, gravity helps alot, thern when I'm warmed up enough, I'll do it sitting, when doing this sitting, you try and touch your chest to the floor with your legs as far apart as possible. personally I found this to be the ultimate stretch, for judo, jujitsu or kickboxing sparring.
to reiterate, do some abdomenal strengthening exercises for that lower back, and get up every morning with stretches ... find some move that works for YOU, mine might not, we are all built a little differently.
good luck...

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