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QUESTION: hii sir,
i am 21year old.. am fond of body building as well as am a taekwondo athlete...
for one year i did isometrics workout for gaining muscle.. i gained 10kg muscles in this duration with out creatine or supplements just natural diet..
after this i asked my trainer to tell me some full body workouts to increse my strength which i can actually use in martial arts.. so he asked me to do push press and power clean and jerk... i did push press yesterday.. i even wore gym supporter and i lifted weights that wasnt too heavy 25kgs only.. but i had back pain after that and i dont have any sort of back problem.. my trainer lives in my home town and i live in other city so i cnt contavt him even.. plse tell me what to do.. should i stop doing that workout or my form is incorrect? and can you tell me if i cn do push press. power clean and jerk on same day or on different days?
today my pain has lessend a lot.. but i am concerned that push press wont damage my back permantly or it happend coz i did it for the first time..
plese help me sir

ANSWER: Rishabh,

Sorry to hear you are injured and I can indeed give you some good advise regarding this matter. First off, to minimize injury be sure to warm-up the muscles and stretch them prior to working out if you did not do this before. And yes not only can you do the push-press the same days as you do clean-and-jerks, but you should do them the same days as you are using a lot of the same muscles and all the major ones. You should have a trainer or experienced person check your form to ensure you are doing them correctly. If you are concerned about really causing permanent injury then do the exercises I recommend in this article instead. As far as isometrics and muscles size, forget it. Isometrics are ok for toning and supplementing strength training, but they will not gain you more muscle. So what to do? You will want to do leg-presses and or squats (I am not a fan of squatting as it sets you up for too many injuries and it is so easy to hurt your self especially if you go heavy) and lunges to build up the quads and hamstrings and hit the legs all around. You may want to add some abduction/adduction to protect the knee's with your tae kwon-do training as there will probably be a lateral movements when you are sparring. You will want to do sets of 6-10 reps with a heavy weight, where on your last rep you really have to struggle to complete the set. Do 4-6 sets of these but work up slowly with 3 sets so you don't wreck your self and get all sore. Do some back extensions on the Nautilus machine to strengthen your lower back and ab work to strengthen your abs-these muscles make up your main core muscles and come into play in all exercise and movement. If you are weak here you will be weak everywhere. For upper body do pull-downs and rows to strengthen the lats, biceps and all of the back. Do Bench-presses (flat, inclined and declined)to strengthen and build the chest and triceps. Add some fly's as well to completely hit the chest. Another good exercise to do are up-right rows to strengthen the whole shoulder girdle and trapezius muscles. Follow the same amount of reps and sets for all these exercises as you did for your legs. Also only do two days, no more than three a week as you are going very heavy and your body needs time to heal which adds to your putting on size and gaining strength. Rest is just as important as working-out to make the gains you are looking for. I hope this information helps you reach your goals and that you find success. If I can be of further assistance you now where to find me. Stay well and Happy New year.


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QUESTION: thank ypu sir for helping me
and am extremly sorry by mistake i wrote isometrics instead of isolation workout.. my current schedule is chest/back, arms,shoulder/legs on monday ,tues,and wednesday respectively 3sets of each wrkout and if i dnt go to taekwondo classes then i do chest,back,biceps,triceps,shoulders,legs means one part per day 5sets of each workout..
so you mean i should go gym max. 3days a week if i do push press clean n jerk??and can i learn doing push press from youtube ??because i dnt have a trainer here and i will use light weight for push press and clean for few weeks ..
and i train in evening so which protein should i take whey,caesin or soy protein??or i should take natural diet???
thank you sir


You can go to the gym as often as you wish but do not work the same muscles groups back to back days. If you do Lat pull-downs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, do not do bicep curls on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays because the biceps get worked when you do Lat work. There is no way they cannot get a workout when you train your Lats. Do Curls the same days as back training. Conversely work triceps the same days you do chest, because your triceps get worked when you do bench-presses and push-ups. I my self do full body weight training a couple times a week as I do not like to keep going back to hit a body part, I want it all done at once. But it depends on what your goals are. Bodybuilders need to spend so much time on each muscle group that there is no way they could do a full body work out with out dropping dead from exhaustion. Remember you do a great disservice to your gains by overtraining so be sure to rest. As far as youtube goes, definitely utilize it. I do my self, you can get good tips on there. Also you can take either protein as they all will repair muscle that has been strained through exercise. Here is an article you may find interesting that I found from Livestrong.com that will provide you with more detail:


Casein is a protein found in cow's milk along with whey protein. Casein makes up approximately 80 percent of the protein found in milk. Casein is responsible for curd formation, which is the substrate that makes cheese. Casein plays a major role during growth and development due to its amino acid composition. There are generally three to four types of casein in milk.


Whey, soy and casein are all forms of protein. All are beneficial to the maintenance of muscle, health of the immune system and maintenance of blood sugar levels. All three forms of protein are available in natural forms and commercially produced supplements.


The major difference between the three types of protein are in the sources in which they are found. Both casein and whey are found in milk, and soy protein is found in soybeans. Casein and whey may be acceptable to vegetarians who consume milk and dairy products, but many vegetarians opt to use soy protein as their major dietary protein source.

This information should help you further, as always thank you for writing.


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