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I am 55. My fitness goals are to lose weight (with proper diet of course) and stay supple, especially my back. I do not want to gain muscle, I lifted weights for years and am pretty bulky already.
I work an 11 to 7 shift as a bus driver. I have time for a short workout in the morning only , as when I get home in the evening I need to eat and relax mentally and physically. I know that interval training is effective, but it takes a lot out of me, and I like long cardio-but no time for it..
Here is what I am doing as a compromise. After a week it seems to be helping a bit.
In bed by 2 am.
I wake up at 9:30 (I need my rest)

1 minute stretching, followed by
1 minute  'jogging' on my manual treadmill, after which I am exhausted and need a rest, which I get while stretching again.

I do 5 sets of these.

I do this Monday to Friday, after my morning joe. Then I shower, have a protein shake, and get to work on time (barely).

What do you think? Thanks, and happy new year!

I think your in the right direction but try to incorporate a session of 20-30 minutes, try at a pace of moderate intensity. you can do about 3-4minutes of moderate intensity, then for 1-2 minutes go at a bit higher intensity, then back down. Try to repeat the process several times until your about 20-30 minutes in.

It is also good to include some dynamic warm ups such as high knees,marches. start slow and work on technique. its good to warm up the muscles before the activity your trying to do. You can include some calf stretches in the cool down and laying hip flexor stretches. Do 2 sets about 30seconds per each side.

I think you are doing well but if you feel comfortable try doing a bit more. If you find your exercises are becoming easier and easier, try to increase the duration of the exercise

Hope this helps, let me know how your doing for a follow up.
Happy new year!

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