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I am 55. My fitness goals are to lose weight (with proper diet of course) and stay supple. I do not want to gain muscle, I lifted weights for years and am pretty bulky already.
I work an 11 to 7 shift as a bus driver. I have time for a short workout in the morning, when I get home I need to relax mentally and physically. I know that interval training is effective, but it takes a lot out of me, and I like long cardio-but no time.
Here is what I am doing as a compromise. After a week it seems to be helping a bit.
I wake up at 9:30 (Ineed my rest)

1 minute stretching, followed by
1 minute  'jogging' on my manual treadmill, after which I am exhausted and need a rest, which I get while stretching.

I do 5 sets of these.

I do this Monday to Friday, after my morning joe. Then I shower, have a protein shake, and get to work on time (barely).

What do you think? Thanks, and happy new year!

Happy New Year to you as well!

It's great that you want to achieve your fitness goals, and the beginning of the year is an excellent time to address what you are looking to achieve.  In the case of your health, it is a long term commitment, and sounds like you are up for it.

When trying to lose weight, I assume you mean bodyfat - not muscle.  You only need to lift weights about 2x per week to hold on to the muscle you've already gained.  But to answer your question, I do not know what your diet consists of, although just a cup of coffee and a protein shake in the morning really isn't a balanced meal.  You should do some research on the internet for a good breakfast.  Even a bowl of skim milk and non-sugary cereal, e.g. basic Cheerios, with a piece of fruit and a glass of water would get you on the right start.

The cardio that you mentioned comprises only 5 minutes a day, which is not enough.  If you are more new to exercise, it can be used as a starter, but you really want to build up to 30-45 minutes of carido per day.  (The interval training shrinks this time to about 20-30 minutes per day, but as well alluded to, it can be difficult, but it is effective.)  (Note:  Cardio can be split up as well if you want.  For example, you can do 10 mins in the morning, and another 10 at night, for a total of 20 mins.)

What I would recommend is slowing down the jogging, and if need, start with 5-10 mins of walking, followed by some stretching.  You do not want to stretch before your body has had time (at least 5 mins) to warm up.  Think about taking a frozen rubber band out of the freezer - it just is not as elastic as when it is at warmer temperatures.  Same for your muscles, tendons, etc.  

So how about you get a schedule for yourself in terms of a workout plan over the long run, one in which you gradually increase what you are doing over time, and adjust it as you go along?  

Try this:

Week 1:  5 mins walking, then stretching
Week 2:  6 mins walking, then stretching
Week 3:  7 mins walking, then stretching


Week x:  20 mins walking, then stretching
Week y:  30 mins walking, then stretching

Notice here I did not specify the weeks in which you are to hit 20 and 30 mins of walking.  Ideally, you should increase the quantity of your cardio by 1 minute each week.  You may find it difficult to do, or you may find it easy.  The point is to progressively increase as you go along.  You will most likely find that once your body gets accustomed to the increased exercise, you will feel more energized, not just in the morning, but into the day.  At some point, when you are ready, you can switch over to jogging, or even doing a walk / jog combo.  The point is that you keep moving!

Keep reevaluating your exercise schedule and diet, and write back if you have any questions.  


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