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hii sir,
i am 21year old.. am fond of body building as well as am a taekwondo athlete...
for one year i did isometrics workout for gaining muscle.. i gained 10kg muscles in this duration with out creatine or supplements just natural diet..
after this i asked my trainer to tell me some full body workouts to increse my strength which i can actually use in martial arts.. so he asked me to do push press and power clean and jerk... i did push press yesterday.. i even wore gym supporter and i lifted weights that wasnt too heavy 25kgs only.. but i had back pain after that and i dont have any sort of back problem.. my trainer lives in my home town and i live in other city so i cnt contavt him even.. plse tell me what to do.. should i stop doing that workout or my form is incorrect? and can you tell me if i cn do push press. power clean and jerk on same day or on different days?
today my pain has lessend a lot.. but i am concerned that push press wont damage my back permantly or it happend coz i did it for the first time..
plese help me sir


There are a number of things that could have happened and without seeing you there is no way to tell. Ice and stretch is the first thing I can recommend. Second these exercises are fine when done together or apart. I'm sorry there not much else I can do for you. God bless.


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