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i am 21yr old .. am doing body building since an year.. i gained 8kg weight in this duration..
i live in hostel and food is not so good here so i wanted to take supplement to complete my daily protein and carbs intake..
but my trainer advised me not to take any such supplemnts like creatine or whey isolate because all most every product like this has steroids...
what should i do?? can u recommend me a specific pharma company whose products are good ... and which kind of supplement should i take? lean whey. whey isolate.. caesin or soy protein? i just a supplement as my meal replacemnt which i can take after workout .. please help me


I was shocked to hear your trainer thinks that whey isolate and creatine have steroids in them. I think he really needs to learn about supplement before he tells his clients incorrect information.
What you're looking for is a good protein with carbs and calories. If you train at night then I recommend caesin for it's slow release properties throughout the night.
I'm not 100% sure what supplements you can get where you are but www.bodybuilding.com ship worldwide and have a wide variety of good quality products. Optimum nutrition, muscletech, musclepharm, BSN, dymatize elite are all among good quality.

I hope this helps, if you need anything else you know where to find me.

Also check out my facebook page www.facebook.com/muzzafitness and the launch of my new website will be this weekend.


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