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I have a very weak stomach.  I have acid reflux, and I take a large amount of medicine for stomach ulcers.  I'm slightly underweight, and I want to put on some muscle in the abdominal region.  My difficulty is, every time that I do more than 30 or 40 sit-ups, I start throwing up a little bit.  It's never anything major, but it's enough to tell me that I need to stop.  I'm a fairly fit person.  I can do 100 pushups in one sitting without too much difficulty, and I'm a black belt in kung fu.  It bothers me that I can't do too much exercising in this area.  What kind of actions do you think I could take to build up my stomach muscles?

Hi Adam,
First off I would speak to your doctor to see if there is something he can proscribe you to stop you from vomiting. I would stay away from bananas or any fruit prior to working out as they are to acidic and cause stomach upset. Try oatmeal or cereal prior to working out and see how that works.  Now if sit-ups and crunches hurt you when exercising then try abdominal isometrics. These won't be as effective for what you want but at least you probably won't vomit. Adam I hope this information helps you out good luck with everything.


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