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Let me explain about me first. I'm Mohammad Sadi from Bangladesh. I'm 20 , weight 73-75kgs ,height 5feet 8inches. I'm neither athletic nor chubby ! I'm in middle. I want to ask about building muscle & growing chest . I started working out around 2 years back without getting any idea. Used to lift dumbell 30-50 times for 3-4 sets! Almost everyday! Gave push ups of 20-30 for 5sets. Suddenly had pain in upper part that's y left those. Now I wanna start again. I'm too lazy that's y bought dumbbell so that I don't have to go to the gym ! each is of 5kgs. I used to go out for walk for around 30-40minutes. Would you sir suggest me some ways to build muscles & grow chest ?
Note. after doing workout before I stopped it, my chest grew& muscles too but not the way I expected. It looks like I did workout for a month only !Upper part of left hand starts to pain when I did pushups in the past. So I'll wait for a good replacement of pushups / structured method of pushups.
Thank you in advance.

Okay, so you aren't just asking a question here. You're basically asking for a personal trainer.

The only thing I can do for you, is point you in a direction that would help you.

You're needing the fundamental workout advice, a schedule, which exercises to choose, how often to workout, what food to eat, etc..

Go here, it's free:  

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