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QUESTION: Where can someone find wholesale price dumbbells that are quality? I want a pair of 50lbs to chest press with.

ANSWER: Hi James,

Personally I watch the yard sales, garage sales and auctions also the stores for closeouts. Bought a nice bench once that sells for 300.00 new for 75.00 because it was last years model at Hibbett's Sports. Bought a Total Gym at JC Penneys for 75.00 when they were making room for other items. Also picked up weights and such at yard sales for as little as 10 cents per pound, and have actually had people give me items just because they were in the way in their garage.  I have a 10 X 16 Tent full of exercise equipment as well as another full of bicycles and parts, much of which I got for little or free.  Watch also for old gyms and such going out of business. If you are really in a big hurry you can buy some pretty decent dumbbells reasonably priced at Wal Mart (Gold's Gym Brand), or Sears, but you will find better bargains at Flea Markets, Auctions, closeouts, yard sales and sometimes even setting out to be picked up by the trash man. Was at a house in Adel Georgia (person was a former semi-pro baseball player). They had left some "exercise equipment" in the front yard for the trash man. Someone they did not even know stopped by and picked in up. Don't really know what he had, but someone got a good deal.

A friend I used to work with gave me a multi-function Wieder Home Gym for FREE just because she knew I was interested in exercise and Fitness. I have actually had several pieces of equipment and I did get some 25 lb dumbbells given to me free as well as about 70 or 80 bicycles including stationary ones over the years.

Mainly watch for closeouts or going out of business sporting goods stores and gyms, as well as yard sales, garage sales, auctions.  You can call many of theses places ask if they have what you are looking for rather than have to drive all the way there. You can also check Amazon on ebay for deals.  

Hope this helps

Have a great Day

Happy Bargain Hunting


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QUESTION: Do some of the gold's gym products contain some not so good chemicals? How does dumbbell bench  pressing differ from the bar? I would think it would be better to do both seperately for more control muscle use? When do benches go on clearance? I think $75 is all I'd spend. Preferably all metal without padding so it can stay outside.

Hi James,

Are you asking if the dumbbells contain not so good products? Usually they are either concrete covered in plastic or solid iron or steel. Not too many chemicals in that combo that will be bad for your health. As far as using a bar or dumbbells whichever one is comfortable for you and you will actually do the exercise consistently is the best for you.

Benches and all exercise equipment can go on sale or clearance at anytime during the year, usually though when the new models come in and the company is making room for the new year models.  

The major problem with closeouts and virtually all the sources I mentioned are you may not get the exact thing you are looking for unless you are willing to wait for the right deal. That to me is not really a drawback but to some people it is.

All metal bench without padding is probably going to rust, or oxidize if you leave it outside, but if that is what you are looking for, go for it. You may be able to find one even cheaper if you are willing to do some work looking for it.

Have a great day


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