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Hello expert Greg Hoppe

I have a question in regarding inner thigh pain not in the knee but right above it on my right inner leg above the knee on the meaty portion I assume its called the vastus medialis.

Im a college baseball player and an active gym goer. This slight pain came recently ive been catching for over 7 years and never had knee problems. Everytime I head to the gym on a leg day and squat either front or back I feel as though my weight shifts slighty to the left as I come up from the lift and in the process my right inner thigh muscle slighty above the knee hurts a little bit.
The reason why I uploaded the illustrations of my secondary catching stance is to see if maybe you can see/find something i cant. When i throw from the secondary position i push of from my back foot (the right) and throw. Im thinking that maybe its a muscle imbalance or something is thight or a muscle isnt firing properly.

When i squat i tend to stand about wider than shoulder width apart legs pointed out slighty and  go ass to the grass. When i descend I bend at the knees slighty keep my butt back and go down I tell myself my butt should be the back at all times and when i come up it should be the last part to finish. Ive watched tons of videos on swuat form and seem to be doing it correctly but now since i got this slight discomfort i dont know what to do. Can you help me on this issue since i really want to squat normally and pain free in the gym and on the field.

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear you are in pain, I know all to well how orthopedic injuries feel. The area of the leg you mentioned is probably not an issue with the Vastus Medialis but with an area called the "Pes Anserine." This is right in the area where you indicated and is where the Sartorius, Gracilis and Semitendinosus pass through the inner knee and insert on the Tibia.
This is a common complaint when an athlete has their feet spread apart and twists their hips with the feet planted still, sort of like when throwing a baseball and not pivoting the feet. I don't know how long you have had this but try icing on and off for a couple hours a day, for a few days. if it doesn't start to heal see a team athletic trainer or an orthopedist/Physical Therapist to rule out a rupture. Chris I included a link for you so you can get some additional information.
I hope you find it useful and are feeling better. All the best.


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