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I am rather obese and am having trouble reducing weight. I have been told that (raw?) (decaffeinated)green coffee sticks contain a substance that will make weight-loss easier as it helps to burn the fat faster etc. What do you think?

Given that I am having such difficulty losing weight, I am also planning to go to the gym regularly once I get my membership and will use weight-training a lot. What would you recommend me doing re aerobic and anaerobic activity in this regard? I should add that I am 42, with lots of central strength and (genetically-) weak wrists and ankles.


I have never heard of these coffee sticks, so I would be cautious utilizing them.  Anything that proclaims to make weight loss faster usually isn't what it seems.  But maybe it is.  Do your research thoroughly.  I will say if you watch your diet (what you are putting in your mouth) and eat cleaner foods (fruits, vegetables, low-fat meat) this will aid your fat loss.

I would do a combination of weight training and cardio.  The cardio I would pick something that will get your heartrate up and that you will tolerate for 15-20 minutes.  I would do an interval type aerobic activity, where your intensity is pretty hard for a short duration, then it goes down for a time to recover, then back up again.  Like sprinting for 10 seconds, then jogging for 20.

The weight training I would do a total body routine (a basic exercise that hits each muscle group).  I would do that three days a week giving yourself a day's rest inbetween.  I can't get anymore specific because that isn't how this forum works, but hopefully that will give you a start.

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