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Weightlifting & Exercise/Running stimulates digestion, etc?


I am 56. I have always used running either outdoors or on a treadmill as my major exercise. I enjoy the whole body effect, in particular the overall stimulation and the bouncing around that my insides gets. I can really blow off 'steam' ;-)
For the past two years, I had to recover from surgery to both knees as a result of injuries sustained in an accident. During this time, I was carefull to eat healthy and keep up the cardio on a stationary bike. Although my weight went up a bit, my belly got pretty big but my digestion went to hell, lots of gas, nausea, to the point I thought I had irritable bowel.
A week ago I was cleared to run. After only two runs, my digestion and general 'blah' feelings in my guts have started to improve, and my big gassy bloated belly is going down.
I cant find much on this, but my theory is that, for some people anyway, the jiggling around that the internal organs get while running actually 'stimulates' them to function better. Hey, if you need to move your muscles around, why not your stomach, liver, pancreas, etc?  This makes sense to me as we were designed to move around and even run, not lay on the couch or sit at the computer all day.
Thanks for any info!

Hi Barry,

In a sense you are absolutely correct running and in fact any exercise stimulates muscles all over the body. You can "target" certain muscles but that does not keep other muscles from working at the same time.

You are living proof of what most exercise professionals believe. even though they don't necessarily explain it the same as you did here. I am not sure that the "jiggling" around is what has caused the transformation. I think that much of it is caused by the fact that now you are doing an exercise you enjoy and that you are doing it more often. Your weight went up slightly when the muscle began to replace some of the fat that you had put on.

Did you do any sort of resistance exercise when you were in recovery? While running is considered to be cardio, you are also building strength and endurance. I know with myself I would not ride a stationary bike near as far as I would have an actual bicycle and therefore if I had to exercise on a stationary bike I would not recover as quickly as I would if I were to ride my bike on the trails or even short training rides or commuting rides.

I do see your point, and yes I do to some degree agree with you that running is a more effective overall exercise than a stationary bike. I am not sure though if it the jiggling or if it is just that there are new and different muscles being used and the body is responding accordingly.

Either way it works, so congratulations on getting back into running and getting more fit.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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