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I am a Sr in high school and this football season I hurt my knee and quit squatting for a couple weeks. When I tried to get back into it, I felt weak and my back was shaky and I couldn't support much weight. I have been trying to up my maxes but my back will not regain the strength to support the weight. I use to be squatting around 325 but since then I have been lucky to unrack 225. So my question is, how can I strengthen my back so that I can get back to my max and beyond? Thanks!

A knee injury can be really tough on everything including the back. Take it slow, drop down to maybe 150 then slowly like maybe 10 lbs a week go up and you should be back to your max in a few weeks, maybe a couple months. Don't try to force it as it is likely you will re-injure the knee or injure something else.

Recovery takes time, and patience is a must sometimes. Don't overdo it, keep the weights and reps low until the body tells you it is OK. Don't do what you want, do what you need to do to succeed.

For back strengthening exercises, simply do a search on google or You Tube.

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