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i'm male 26.and going gym for the past 8 months,have seen results but not upto what i expected.then i switched to this routine for a month long now.i lift heavy weights as i can now and when the set is going to end i switch down to lower weights and carry on with the exercise. e.g.
arms crunches: 8-10 reps of heavy weights then 5-8 of lower weights, 3 sets in total of every exercise.
i have seen some results with this technique
but i want to bulk up my muscles.i am not skinny but still i want to get big.
post exercise (evening) i take 2 eggs whites (boiled)
1-1/2 glass of milk (skimmed)
chicken in the dinner (daily) about 200-250 grams
6 hours of sleep
in breakfast i take 250 grams of yogurt,
one Boiled Egg White
And Wheat baked Bread
in the lunch i normally eat whatever its made in office it changes everyday along with boiled cup of red kidney beans
in super before workout i eat fruits or banana mashed in yogurt and after gym i have told you
now please help me i want to bulk up
is my diet good enough to achieve my goal
guide me with better diet plan.


Ok so your diet looks real good to me and I don't think that is the problem, however I would shoot for 8 hours of sleep if you can. First of all I don't know what type of build you have and remember even though you can always make improvements in your body composition, you still can only go as far as your are genetically able. So if you are small boned and very thin, you probably will not ever be a 285 lbs. hulk (naturally that is). Try doing reps of 5-7 with heavier weights. Also don't do the same exercises all the time as your muscles get used to the same thing over and over again. So instead of doing barbell bench-press, try using dumbells. Throw in some cable flies and incline/decline flies and presses. Make sure to not work the same muscles 2 days in a row as they need time to repair and this could hamper growth.
Moiz try taking my suggestions and see what that does for you, I think you will se some results but be patient. Not everyone grows the same way. Best of luck.


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