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I have a very important question to which I have not found an answer yet.

I want to know "how strong a person can get", how big strength increase is and if there was a point where you just can't or hardly can get stronger.

I am asking, because I am really interested in body weight strength like in gymnastics. I don't care about seeing the muscles and I also don't want to train with weights.
I want to learn straddle planche, v-sit, front lever, straddle press handstand, 10 pull-ups and 20 leg lifts, which I think are definitely achievable for a young women.

How much strength can you gain in which amount of time? What can I expect?
I guess, a newbie will make the biggest progress in the first year, is that right?
Some people say you just have to break through plateaus and continue training and you will progress like before, especially in strength endurance things like in pull-ups.
But why are there so little women doing more than 10 pull-ups or straddle planches, although they workout so much?

Is there a point, where it just gets harder or even impossible to progress without adding weight or tailored workout and nutrition plans?

I want to know if I should be "satisfied" once I achieved the gaols I listed and just work to stay at this level, because I actually don't want to be stronger than that.
But if I will make progress as easy as before without added weight or special plans, than it would be worth to work for even higher goals.

I hope you get my question and I would really appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance!

you don't want to progress past your stated goals?
that should be easy.
to answer the point of your questions, yes there is a limit to how strong you can get, but most people never come close to pushing that limit, and
there is more of a limit when restricting yourself to bodyweight exercises than with weights.
in my personal experience, I have learned that the mind is usually the biggest obstacle & limiting factor. I am stronger, actually lift more weight and carry more muscle, at 54 than I ever did at 24, 34, or 44.
your body is capable of far more than most people imagine, so just imagine more.

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