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i m working out from past 2 yrs and my body is not responding any muscle so pls suggest me some proper diet?

"bodybuilding" is not my forte. but in order to gain useful MUSCLE, you have to LIFT properly.
I'll give you an example of what "I" mean by properly..

workout for muscle gain:
overhead press off rack, 9 sets of 3 HEAVY reps.
hang-pull to bottom of chest, 9x3 heavy.
front squats, 9x3 heavy.
this type of workout develops strength/power and muscle.
curls and other fluffy bodybuilding exercises for high reps gives you bloated nearly useless tissue.
as to the question of diet.
it's not rocket science.
lift hard & heavy for short periods, rest for several days after lifting and EAT PROTEIN.
eat meat, eggs, drink milk and take a TRACE MINERAL supplement.
lift.. rest..eat...
no rocket launching.  

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