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hi Greg I have been doing weights for a long time also played a lot of sports over the years and do a reasonably physical job and now do judo 1-2 times a week, I stopped doing upperbody resistance training for a year now because of bursitis which hurts a lot especially when doing bench press, shoulder press side lat rise.I had a cortisone injection 2 days ago and it feels good, I would like to get back into weights again but don't want to risk bursitis again I would really appreciate your advice on whether I should stay away from upperbody weights,  what exercises to avoid , should I do high rep less weight or heavy weight low rep etc? thank you very much look forward to your answer.


You seem like a man who has been very active his whole life, but with that comes discomfort and sometimes pain, down the road. As a martial artist also, and one with a lot of experience doing break falls, that can put a lot of wear and tear on the shoulder joints, which is the joint I assume is giving you trouble. Is it on both sides or one only? So my advice is to do some trial and error. See which exercises and weight loads seem to exacerbate its occurrence and make modifications. If inclined bench presses hurt then try flat bench presses, and maybe declined bench presses. Perhaps using dumbbells instead of a bar bell may help, you can angle outward or in whichever direction whereas a barbell is fixed in one direction. I would ease into lifting again, go lighter weight for 12-15 reps and transition into it. Do that for a month or so and then if you want to go heavier and lower reps, you can incrementally adjust then. But make absolutely sure you warmup and stretch the limb at the joints in all directions and hold the stretch for a minute or more. When you are done ice the joint if you feel soreness setting in. Never, ever apply heat in the first 24 hours as this can cause a hematoma. If you notice any pain layoff lifting as you don't want to wreck yourself. I am not surprised that side-lateral raises and shoulder presses caused problems as they tend to impinge the nerves. Try benching and shoulder pressing with a wider grip, I have found this helps immensely. The thing with Cortisone shots is they are a temporary fix, and I believe they only give you so many within a certain amount of time as they lead to the breakdown of collagen if I remember correctly.
Anyway Paul I hope you are healing nicely and doing well, keep training regularly and safely. If you ever need anything please let me know. All the best.


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