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Am 63 yr old female,closed fractured clavicle 6 wks ago,went to rehab Dr. said I could go back to my job on the 15th of May. I wanted to strengthen my arms and the rest of my body and weight could definetly use tweeking. Other than the recent rehab I have done no walking or any training. Joined PF and this is the program they gave me. Day 1 treadmill 11-20mins, arc trainer 15min, then tricep press, bicep curl,shoulder press, rear tow pull, lateral pulldown, chest press, Pec fly, ab crunch, ab leg lifts, all exercises will be 3-4 sets 12-20 reps. Day2 & 3 are similar. Do u think they got me mixed up with someone else? Also have 3 compressed fractures in spine, was unable to tell him this because just spoke with him one day and then this program was emailed to me. I would like to be in better shape, is this something that you think I am capable of doing now.

Hi Shaon,

As long as you keep te weights low and use good form, you should be able to do this and it will help lose the weight as well as strengthen the body, start slow and work your way up. If you are concened that this is too much then you should really contact your physician or therapist.

I would check with the physician or therapist first to be sure then do the exercises as outlined, but do verify that they have the right person and that they do know about all injuries.

Hope this helps]

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