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hello David  I am 56 years old. I have started going to gym. one day I do some weight lifting and quats and etc.
the next day I do cardo, and the next day weights and  then the next day cardio and so on. my question is how many days should I go before I take a full day off , no cardo or weights thank you

Hello George

First, good for you! The gym will have an amazingly positive effect on your body.
If you start out lifting light, with a LOT of reps, this will speed up the metabolism and tighten up the entire body. 20-50 reps per exercise. You CAN rest when tired. Then resume.

As you gradually lift heavier and heavier (most gyms increase the weight by 5, or 10, or 20 lbs.), then the more REST after the gym you will need. How to tell; if you are stiff and sore the next day, you are lifting too heavy. If you are stiff and sore the next 2-3 days, you are DEFINITELY lifting too heavy.

Rest, fully recover, and then return to the gym.

I go to the gym Mon-Wed-Fri. My EGO wants to lift heavy. But my body tells me what I can do, and what I cannot do. I see others do exercises that will just end up hurting me. So I ignore the desire to copy them.

Once a week, I use either a Smith machine or a power rack. Set the bar about 1" below your shoulder height. Put on some small weight plates, pad on the bar for comfort, squat down slightly and lift the bar with your shoulders and neck. Balance the bar with your hands. I use a small timer. I set it for 1 minute. Lift, hold the weight, elbows slightly bent, back slightly bent, and knees slightly bent. Then come back a week later. Use fractional plates to increase what you lift by 1 pound per week.

I bring my own factional plates. Write down what I am lifting on a pocket note pad.

As the weight get's heavier, your muscles in your body get tighter. And you can get some impressive mass with this exercise.

What is cool is to get older, but not weaker. You can build-up good strength and impressive mass, lower body fat, and so on. You even look younger because lifting and aerobics tightens up everything.

Hope this helps. Good lifting!

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