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I am the one that asked the question in the past about anal leakage when doing cardio and you said this might be common among those on suppliments. Well I have been off the amino acid suppliments for a while at the advice of my doctor while taking probiotics to settle my digestion and I still find some  degree of odor when doing 30 minutes of cardio, particularly treadmill. Do you find when exercising in the gym men favor one undergarment over the other? I find tighty whities shields odor better than boxers. What would you imagine is most common?

Also to what degree can physical fitness be used as a commonality for dating? I find most women don't find me attractive or interesting and my shape isn't too bad but I wouldn't mind striving for excellence. But a part of me would feel unfulfilled if all I gained from it was sore  muscles and no admiration from women that I find attractive for a change.

Hi James,

Regarding the underwear, I atullay find that boxer briefs work best for me. Once the "supplements' cause rectal leakage it will often get less when you go off, but it does not stop right away and some people never stop once it starts. Personally I like the boxer breifs best, not real fond of the tightie whities or other tight briefs and also find that regular boxers just do not offer the covereage of the Boxer briefs.

Physical fitness alone may have something to do with attraction of the opposite sex, however intelligence, kindness and in generally being considerate with a firendly and kind attitude will get you much futher. The old saying you catch more fliies with sugar than vinegar is quite correct.  Physical fitness will show you care about your body, being considerate to others will show that yu care about them, you will then have more friends and be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Hope this helps,

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