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Today after 5-6 months i went out for cycling about 4 km. but when i came back to my home i was feeling exhausted and everything seems spinning. And i am feeling that body is shutting down.what to do it seems i am in not my senses before cycling everything was alrght.and i do cyclng only few times as exercise merely. 10-11 times in my lifetime till now .my age is 15 and height 5'7 and weight around 65 kg.plzz tell what is happenng. What nutrition to take to recover from it.

Did you eat prior to cycling? Complex carbs like rice, pasta, potaotes, oats? Also vitamins and a source of protein? If not then your body lacked the energy needed to complete the task hassle free. Your blood sugar levels have have changed or not been on a good level. Make sure in every meal you have some good carbs, vegetables and protein.


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