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i am 21year old man. i started weightlifting 2years ago.
i am suffering from pinching like pain in my right side of lower abdomen whenever i lift.
i thought it can be hernia but i saw no mark of bulge or bump appearing on my abdomen when i cough or i lift and when my doctor diagnosed me then he also told that it is not hernia. he couldnt tell me what was it he said it can be due to tearing of abs muscle.
and adviced me to take rest and use gym supporter everytym.
i used to wear gym supprter while lifting and after his advice i use it daily and i remove it at night. i took rest for nearly 1month but still pain hasnt subsided. yesterday i felt even more intensity pain when i was laughing(it was like needle is pricking inside my abs on right side of my navel).
is it case of navel displacement? what should i do?i tried massaging and hot compress over it for 1week. please help me sir as i want to start lifting as soon as i can.

Hi Rishabh,

It sounds to me like there may have been sort sort of muscle tear at some point and that now there is nerve damage. I am not a physician but have worked in the medical filed for many years, and have actually had some nerve damage that was caused by surgery. The description of the pain makes it sound to me like the nerves in that area are somewhat damaged.

You need to see a physician but not just any physician, you need to get seen by a doctor that specializes in sports medicine if possible. He/she can do MRI and other testing that may show up the problem. Until you have found the problem then you can address that problem. Until you know what the pain is caused by you should not exercise or you could make it worse.

Hope this helps

Have a great day


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