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I am a male in my mid twenties. I have been very thin my whole life. I am trying to gain muscle/gain weight as much as I can in the next two months. Can you recommend a program for me assuming that I am available to exercise every day for the next two months. I will plan to continue after these two months as well. Thanks.

sometimes the tendency to be thin is simply genetic.
many people envy what you have.
assuming you are of normal health and have no abnormalities that would impede proper exercise form, I would recommend this muscle stimulating program..

week 1.
powerclean & pushpress. 30 sets of 3 reps.

dumbbell clean & press, one arm at a time. 30 sets of 1 rep. each arm, heavy.

week 2.

chin-ups. 5 sets maximum reps.
press behind head. 5 sets of 5 reps.
upright row to bottom of chest, heavy weight. 5x5
benchpress. 5x5
powersnatches.. 9 sets of 3 reps
front squats. 30 reps heavy weight.

that's it. keep it brief...too much exercise will not help you, stick to this for 4 months and watch the muscle grow.
also...EAT PROTEIN.. eggs, meat, milk.. not massive amounts, just add more to your diet.
and take a mineral/vitamin supplement ONCE a WEEK, not daily. with a meal.

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