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I am a male in my mid twenties. I have been very thin all of my life. I am trying to gain muscle/gain weight as much as I can in the next two months. Can you recommend a program for me assuming that I am available to exercise every day for the next two months. I will plan to continue after these two months as well. Thanks.

Hi John,

So you are blessed with a quick metabolism lucky you. Perhaps not when one wants to bulk up. Ok so lets start with what you are eating. Carbs that are not burned off right away get stored as fat (not that you want to get fat) but taking in more will put some weight on you. Also you will be doing heavy lifting to bulk up which is going to require protein to help your muscles recover from the breakdown of your workouts. There is no shortage of protein powders and shakes out there to help you meet your goal. I assume you have tried eating more (make sure it is a balanced diet) which is good now lets talk about training. Cut back on cardio (but do not neglect to do it) and find a weight you can lift 5-6 times, where on the 5th or 6th rep you really have to struggle to get the weight up. Now try doing 5 or 6 sets of these per muscle group, but do not start off on this right away. Take a week and progressively add weight and prepare your body for the heavy lifting that is to come. Be sure to always warm-up and cool down properly, especially when you are going heavy. Its always good to take a really cold shower after a heavy training day to help the muscle swelling go down. If you ever feel a pain, or as if you over-did a workout, don't ever be afraid to take a day off or more. Trust me always listen to you body especially at this exercise intensity, as you will really be shocking your muscles into hyper-growth. Also do legs one day, chest and shoulders another, back and arms etc. You decide just be sure to break it up as you will not be able to do a full body workout with this many reps at such a high weight. John I hope this helps you, we can always fine tune it at a later date as you progress along. I hope you put on some good size muscle, best of luck.

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