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hi greg ,
hope you are fine,  i want a advice from you. i am doing job in civil engineering field and i want to join gym. but my problem is after day's work i get verry little time.and when i comes back at home i am usually empty stomach and feels hungry. so should i go to gym directy and is it ok to do work out empty stomach? or should i take dinner and go to gym then so is it ok to work out when your tummy is full? generally peoples give advice that i should eat little and after coming back from gym i should take proper dinner but in that case i have to sleep immediately after dinner and that will be a problem too for digestion.
so kindly guide me in this regard. what should i chose or how to deal


Ok so first off two things, first you don't want to try to workout on an empty stomach as you will crash and burn from  lack of nourishment 5-10 minutes into the routine. Second you do not want to workout on a full stomach as you will be bloated and probably vomit, especially if doing cardio and you are bouncing up and down. I totally get the try to eat and workout after work thing and I am going to give you some suggestions. Bring some nourishment that you can snack on throughout the day so you will have energy but not a lot of food in your belly, especially nothing heavy like pasta or starchy carbs such as potato's. I recommend raisins, unsalted nuts or a granola bar. Fruit is also good. Then an hour or hour and 1/2 eat some more until satisfied before you get to the gym. For dinner if it is late when you get home, you can eat something light before bed such as a bowl of cereal or oatmeal (ideally you don't want to eat a couple hours prior to bed but if you are starving a little something is alright). Remember the activity you are doing dictates the food you should be eating as well. If you are running around playing basketball or jogging or even doing crunches, you will be absolutely miserable with a lot of undigested food in your gut. If you are going to do weight lifting you still don't want a lot of food in your stomach but you can handle more then if you are running around. Also stay hydrated, lots of water throughout the day especially when you are working out. Keep in mind by the time your mouth is dry, you have already lost about 2% of your water so drink even if you are not thirsty.
I hope that helps Ahmed, try what I said and see if it works for you. If you have any other concerns let me know and we can discuss them. Stay well.


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