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Good Morning Dianne,

Hope all is well with you.

I'm going to start off by giving you some facts about me and later with my questions. I truly apprecaite your support on this.

- Male / 34 years old / Height: 5'9  / Weight 82 kgs

- Right knee, slightly hurts but can still do light squats, etc...

- From age 18 to 31, I had the absolute drive and passion of working out. My weight was constant for all these years at about 76 kgs.

- From age 31-35, I seemed to have lost desire or the motivation or will power to workout, which is probably the aging process.

- I drink alcohol 1-3 days a week, mostly on weekends.

- Food wise, I love to cook as well as dine out and usually make "somewhat ok to good" choices in what I eat.

(Sounds like I'm on an online dating site. lol)

Ok, my questions:

1) Is it normal that my desire/motivation to workout has flipped 180 degrees almost from age 31-34?

2) Would you be able to provide me with a workout for 3-4 days a week / nutrition plan /supplement advice to be able to lose 5 or 6 kgs of fat/body weight while putting on 2 kgs of muscle?

Thank you for your time and please let me know if I can provide you with any additional details?


Hi Issa,

Thanks for the detailed information.  There is a great deal to address here. My apologies for the delay, I wanted to wait until I had sufficient time to address everything properly.

First of all, don't buy into the "aging process" hype, I've got 11 years on you and my drive/passion is still going strong although work and other responsibilities keep me from training as much as I'd like.

While your testosterone does start to wane around your age, every study shows that training increases testosterone and other hormones

More likely culprit(s) of decrease in desire/motivation is over training, inadequate nutrition and/or simply the development of other interests. Also, gaining 5-6 kgs is a significant amount of weight for your height (presuming it is not all muscle)  which impacts energy levels and, as a result, the desire to work out. It's a cycle.

Since program and nutrition consulting is what I actually do for a living, I can't provide you with a free workout/nutrition plan but I can give you some general recommendations to get you headed in the right direction. If you don't find that to be enough, you can always check out my program How To Lose Fat and Reshape Your Body in 21 Days The "Ultimate" Program would address everything for which you asked, detailed nutrition plan (which I will gladly modify for you specifically), workout (which will give you a workout plus progressions to last 3-6 months depending on your fitness level) cook book with 45 high protein recipes custom designed with all of the best fat burning foods and a high quality vitamin supplement. It also comes with a phone consult so I can go step by step and modify the diet and workout for you.

It's difficult to give workout advice not knowing anything about your current workout however, I can say that "squatting" with a hinky knee is all about form and very little to do about weight. I completely rehabbed myself after my knee surgery with single leg squats, lunges and rear lunges.

Since what you put in your mouth is 70% of your results, I will start with that.

Based on the National Academy Of Sports Medicine's protocol and AHA guidelines,  I'd suggest   147   grams of protein a day  a day. You could go as high as 180 but if you do, you'd need to make adjustments to the other numbers below.  

Not knowing your body fat or exact workout and based on the other  information you gave me, You should be taking in roughly calories 2500 a day to strip fat while simultaneously building muscle . This is what a healthy balanced day of food  for those  calories looks like,

147     g of Protein
12     from the fat group
4      from the fruit group
5      from the veggie group
10    from the carb group

You can go HERE  for an explanation of what foods goes in what group and how much equals a serving along with my best picks in each group. There are also a couple of other articles you might find helpful there.

Also, the TYPES of exercises and how you do them will effect how lean you get and how much muscle you put on and how effectively you strip fat during and after the workout.

Body weight exercises like pushups , pull ups and burpees are the epitome of fat blasting, muscle building exercises. Dumbbell, compound exercises (like squat presses, prone rows, ball roll pushups) also give you great bang for your exercise buck because they not only burn more calories during the workout while adding lean muscle but they keep your metabolism going strong for many, many hours after as well as positively impacting things like fat burning hormones and insulin sensitivity.

Try This Workout  I posted on my blog. IT is a good example of a MRT style workout focusing on legs/arms/core although it does work a good bit of chest and back. If you look through the blog for the title "Week End Warrior Workout" there are a few on there for you to try.  

If you are an information junkie type, read   This article  for a more detailed explanation of the 6 Components of effectively achieving your fitness goals. I go into great detail about exercise, nutrition and supplements.

Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions if anything I said doesn't make sense


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MExPhys, NASM CFT , author of “How To Lose Fat & Reshape Your Body in 21 Days” and “The Ultimate Belly Blast Program”. President of Custom Bodies which has been serving the Tampa Bay with results driven, cutting edge nutrition & fitness programs for 18 years. I am a frequent speaker on health and fitness related topics with articles published in over 20 media outlets.

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