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Hello there.  I have a question. Currently i am around 68kg. But my body fat has been measured as 25% which is a bit bad i feel. I weightlift regularly and eat healthy. But when i first bulked i put on weight but never checked my calorie intake. I got to 73kg but not knowing my bf %. So i dieted down to 68kg. Most of the fat from the dexa scan shows that it is around my legs and abdomen and that my upper body and arms are quite low in comparison. I don't know what to do know because i want to put on muscle but i don't want to get any fatter. Currently i was bulking but only on 250 cal increase to my total calorie intake. I honestly don't know what to do and i am upset at my current state. I try eat as much good food as possible from when i started dieting from 73kg to 68kg but when i first bulked i didn't watch what i eat. Please could you help me. Thank you

Hi Mikey.

Okay, first lets make this distinction and get rid of the old bodybuilding "bulking" vs "cutting myth" > This has always driven me crazy. I won't bore you with the way that one started or the physiology behind why it's crap unless you ask a follow up. 25% body fat at 68 kilos is actually pretty high for a male.

Don't be upset, it's an easy fix if you use science. Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. It is possible to put on muscle and lose fat and get leaner all at the same time.

That having been said, as you lose weight you might get a little bit weaker because the weights you lift are usually in relation to your over all body weight.  It's why power lifters are very strong but also on the fat side. The weight they throw around is a % of their total body weight. I am going to answer this question assuming you want to continue to put on muscle, aren't all that worried about strength and want to reduce body fat.

Basically, when you were "bulking" you were  eating to much and put on a bunch of fat. So, let's forget the whole "bulking" thing unless you want to be a power lifter.

If you want to put on muscle and lose fat, it's a matter of 3 things.

1. The number of days you train and the exercises you do
2. the amount of protein you eat
3. how many total calories you take in.

Without actually seeing your or knowing your exact workouts, I'm going to give you some rough numbers based on general calculations from what you've told me. I also don't know exactly what you mean by "muscular" like if you want to look more like an underwear model or a body builder. I am going to presume underwear model.

The main thing you need to focus on is PROTEIN

Based on the National Academy Of Sports Medicine's protocol, I'd suggest   136  grams a day. You could go as high as 180 but if you do, you'd need to make adjustments to the other numbers below.  

Your diet is going to be 70% of your results so, you should see a major change in your body fat by following these guidelines.

Since I don't know how old you are, your height or your workout program,  these are general based on your weight and gender only. I erred on the lower side but if you find yourself hungry, eat more protein and vegetables.

 Based on the general information you gave me, You should be taking in roughly 2400 calories a day. this is what a healthy balanced day of food  for 2400 calories looks like,

136    g of Protein
10     from the fat group
4      from the fruit group
5      from the veggie group
10    from the carb group

You can go HERE for an explanation of what foods goes in what group and how much equals a serving along with my best picks in each group.   There are also a couple of other articles you might find helpful there.

Also, the TYPES of exercises and how you do them will effect how lean you get and how much muscle you put on. These are general suggestions. These tips will help you add muscle in the best way while burning the highest number of calories per workout. Use weights you can get out 8 - 10 reps of without "cheating"

1. Substitute any bench press work you are doing for weighted pushups (you can have someone put a plate on your back. This will work the muscles in your stomach that pull them and and give you a tighter waist. If you get strong enough to do some serious weight, it will work your abs enough to actually get a 6 pack

2. Don't worry about how much weight you are pushing, worry more about going slow, good form and letting the muscles you are working contract without using momentum. This will damage the muscle more effectively (when it repairs, it grows back bigger)

3. Pullups are one of the best exercises you can do to make your back wider. Use a wider grip with your palms facing out

3. Dumbell presses are one of the best exercises you can do for shoulder width and triceps and will help give you a good "V" look. If you do a squat/press combo, it is also a great ab workout

Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions if anything I said doesn't make sense

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MExPhys, NASM CFT , author of “How To Lose Fat & Reshape Your Body in 21 Days” and “The Ultimate Belly Blast Program”. President of Custom Bodies which has been serving the Tampa Bay with results driven, cutting edge nutrition & fitness programs for 18 years. I am a frequent speaker on health and fitness related topics with articles published in over 20 media outlets.

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