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hii sir,
i am 21yr old. n i have been gymimg since 2years.. i gained aprx 10kg muscles in these years.
1: i want to ask if we masterbate excess then does it affects our lifting ability?coz many tym i have experimented by masterbating 40mins before workout and my lifting ability was normal and it is affectd only when i dont get proper rest before gyming. then why people and many trainers say masterbation reduces power and all such stuff?
2:in my country body builders dnt show off their body in public they alwez wear full sleeve shirt or t shrt to hide their muscles?n same i have experienced when i show off my body then i fall ill mostly and my instinct says it can be due to bad vision(jealous vibes) from other people..is it just a misconception or the same is felt/said in your country also? to prevent bad vision's effect indian bodybuilders tie black thread in their left leg or in neck
3:what are functions of l carnitine,l glutamine or glutamine and ZMA ?are these important for muscle growth and should be taken separately or we can find them in food or whey protein only?
4:is there any ill effects of soy protein?
sry i askd too much but am hungry for knowledge

I always discourage suppliments of this type, PROTEIN and a good mix of fruits & some vegetables are usually enough.

soy is not the best, real milk would provide better complete protein.

as to the metaphysics of getting bad vibes from people, that's a matter of YOUR THOUGHTS, and what you believe about it.
my personal belief is that the mind is the power, assert YOUR own will.

sexual release can deplete your energy and lower temporarily, your testosterone levels.
it can also be used to stimulate testosterone production.
I'd recomend not doing it at any time near to your workouts.

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