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i am 21year old male 61kg and 5.6ft. i started gyming 1.5years ago to improve my performance in kick boxing and martial arts (am not a pro i am in 3rd year engg now).
i started isolation workout in the beginning and 7-8months ago i included powerlifting in my workouts to increase explosiveness. i did pushpress,powerclean,jump squats and deadlifts for that.
yesterday there was weightlifting competition organised in my department(ie mechanical dpt.) and i took part in it. i learned pushpress techniques from youtube and then a bit from my coach who is actually a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter. i can lift 50kg in pushpress but yesterday in the heat of tournament i lifted 55kgs but still i lost coz winner pressd 60kgs and there were two of them who lifted 60kgs .. they were purely amateur and used absurd technique but still they lifted coz they had raw power(kind of gifted) i never saw them in gym coz am working out in college gym since my first year engg. .i cudnt attain 3rd position even coz i couldnt lift 55kg again due to fatigue..
sir i thought i will be the winner but i lost it. i feel depressed. i couldnt sleep last night. all my efforts seem to be wasted.
i live in a hostel so i dnt have access to powerlifting coach or anything. it was just a small competition but still i lost. i feel like my ego is hurt. sir am about to cry while writing this.
i never came first in any sport since my childhood days coz i was born weak but i tried my best to make myself strong but my efforts are wasted i guess.
next year or 7-8months later inter department weightlifting will be organised in my college and i know competition vl be even more tough but i want to lift 75kgs in that competition.
so can i do it?
1:wat should i do to achieve this goal?means how to improve my push press. i lost coz i think my shoulders and forearms were weak(i couldnt clean 60kg wt. off the floor)but my legs are stronger than other people in college gym.
2.can i take creatine monohydrate with whey isolate to improve strength?
3.can i achieve my goal coz in this gym i dnt have access to proper powerlift equipmnts like flexible barbell and fibre plates and even belt for back support isnt available(i can buy belt that if u vl say and we have velcro belt in our gym).
if i loose again then i wont be able to workout again coz i have a dream of becoming not only just fit but brutally strong and different from others.
i dream of becoming an mma fighter.sorry for so long question.. plse help me
thank u


Its all good man! Don't get too hard on yourself. As long as we are improving we can get to the end goal and the results we want. We just need to be consistent. I understand how you feel, in some time or another we have all been in the same situation. The biggest piece of advice i can offer is always believe in yourself, believe that you are capable and you will get your goals met. This is a story I dont share with many people but since I relate with your situation I will bring this up. I almost got kicked out of university because my grade averages were so low, I almost didnt end up graduating in my field Exercise science). It was a tough time in my life where I was living with my parents who were in the process of divorce and always argueing and it really affected my study habits. I was given a second chance by the university to get my grades up and the one thing that got me out was to say this to myself, " I do not fail. If other people can do it, so can I". I would say this to myself over and over again and never doubted my abilities again. I ended up graduating but not only that i now am certified through 4 sports medicine organizations and have 5 specializations. These were really hard to achieve and not everyone passes them, i mea  passing 1 is tough so you can imagine 5 of them. So all i can say is start believing yourself. Be the man and you will find your way to make it happen. THAT is the first step. Develop a positive attitude to your goals.

So now on to your questions

i would suggest for the first several weeks to work on 3 exercises for your shoulders, the lateral raise, shoulder press and  plate raises. Focus on doing 10-12 repitions with good form. Start with 2 sets and then in the next 2 weeks add a 3rd set. If you find the weight be omes easier where you can do 13 reps now because you are getting stronger then increase the weight until you can do 10-12 reps again.
after 4 weeks increase the weight for plate raise and shoulder press where you can do 6-8 reps. As for lateral raises stay between the 10-12 range.
After several weeks include the pushup press before to work on your technique.

also still work on doing whole body exercises and training other body parts to maintain balance. A total of 8-10 exercises is good. Your training should be between 45minutes to 60 minutes long.

as for creatine. Yes it does work. I cant recommend it because im not a dietitian but research shows it does increase strength. You need to have a loading time of 5 days where you take 20-25 grams per day and after that 5 days take it one time a day of 5 grams.

one last thing. If you really are serious about this and it sounds thst you are, keep track of how much you lift, how many sets and reps you do. The better you can manage your plan the more success you will achieve.

i hope this helps

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QUESTION: thnx a lot for previous answer sir,
and regarding creatine i vl consume it 5times a day but at what time or intervals? means in morning then after/before lunch,pre workout then post workout ..is it ok?
and in maintainence phase i should take 5gms post or pre workout? and people consume it with juice or plain water so what is ideal fluid for consuming it?
and will work as u said along with deadlifts and squats and vl maintain a log of my workout i promise
and sir am an engineering student but i want to be a MMA( mixed martial arts)fighter in future coz i dnt enjoy engg. and i love fitness training nd mma. and along with it i want to open my own gym in future (its kinda my business plan)and i want to obtain degress to become a certified trainer in weight training and nutrition.. i will become an mma trainer by doing a course in india but for weight training and sport science what should i do as i hv no idea about it and there are no college in india teaching these subjects.. so can you guide me about these courses and colleges in foreign countries so that i can be certified.
thank u

from what I remember it is recommended for loading creatine to take 4-5 teaspoons for 5 days or 20-25 grams of creatine spaced out evenly.  Taking it with juice or water is fine. After 5 days you only need to take it once a day of one teaspoon or (5 grams).

I am not sure how it is in your country however I know in my country  (Canada) it is very competitive to be training with athletes professionally. The reason why is because elite athletes in general are hard to find and others want to train with them. You need to network and meet people so they introduce you to other people and that will be the number 1 way to get new clients. For example if you have been training someone for a long time he or she might spread the word how well you trained them and how much results they got and you end up meeting new clients or networks.

My suggestion would be continue to do what you are doing, do your degree. If you really dislike your degree then you can switch to something more health related such as physical therapy as most athletes who get injured wanted to be rehabilitated and then strengthened properly so you would have a great advantage.

One of the most renowned certification for training athletes is the CSCS Strength and Conditioning Specialist that works specifically with athletes by the NSCA. You need to have a university degree ( in any field) but it is preferred to be in exercise science.  I will paste the link below.

Just a word of advice, many Strength and Conditioning coaches also have other jobs ( working as a  personal trainer, massage therapist, athletic therapist). The demand of the work can be long and the pay can  be inconsistent. Sometimes you will train with a client for a month consistently then something comes up so the pay is not guaranteed and it can be tough when you are just starting out. Try to have another career that is in high demand will be a benefit, whether it is in engineering or another high in demand in India. Physical therapy could be an option as well.  Have something that will continue to pay for your passion(to work with MMA athletes) so you have a good backup plan . In the end it isn't the certification but the results that you can bring for your clients. The two things I can say is people care about experience and they care about results. If you bring either to the table or both, then you can always do more certifications later because it will make you look stronger professionally.

I hope this helps, this is just a general picture of my opinion how it has been in my field. Good luck.

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