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i am 21year old male 61kg and 5.6ft. i started gyming 1.5years ago to improve my performance in kick boxing and martial arts (am not a pro i am in 3rd year engg now).
i started isolation workout in the beginning and 7-8months ago i included powerlifting in my workouts to increase explosiveness. i did pushpress,powerclean,jump squats and deadlifts for that.
yesterday there was weightlifting competition organised in my department(ie mechanical dpt.) and i took part in it. i learned pushpress techniques from youtube and then a bit from my coach who is actually a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter. i can lift 50kg in pushpress but yesterday in the heat of tournament i lifted 55kgs but still i lost coz winner pressd 60kgs and there were two of them who lifted 60kgs .. they were purely amateur and used absurd technique but still they lifted coz they had raw power(kind of gifted) i never saw them in gym coz am working out in college gym since my first year engg. .i cudnt attain 3rd position even coz i couldnt lift 55kg again due to fatigue..
sir i thought i will be the winner but i lost it. i feel depressed. i couldnt sleep last night. all my efforts seem to be wasted.
i live in a hostel so i dnt have access to powerlifting coach or anything. it was just a small competition but still i lost. i feel like my ego is hurt. sir am about to cry while writing this.
i never came first in any sport since my childhood days coz i was born weak but i tried my best to make myself strong but my efforts are wasted i guess.
next year or 7-8months later inter department weightlifting will be organised in my college and i know competition vl be even more tough but i want to lift 75kgs in that competition.
so can i do it?
1:wat should i do to achieve this goal?means how to improve my push press. i lost coz i think my shoulders and forearms were weak(i couldnt clean 60kg wt. off the floor)but my legs are stronger than other people in college gym.
2.can i take creatine monohydrate with whey isolate to improve strength?
3.can i achieve my goal coz in this gym i dnt have access to proper powerlift equipmnts like flexible barbell and fibre plates and even belt for back support isnt available(i can buy belt that if u vl say and we have velcro belt in our gym).
if i loose again then i wont be able to workout again coz i have a dream of becoming not only just fit but brutally strong and different from others.
i dream of becoming an mma fighter.sorry for so long question.. plse help me
thank u

no belts or suppliments, except maybe a good one-a-day complete vitamin/mineral taken once a WEEK.

all you need is a barbell and enough weight to put on it.

and ONE exercise. (for now)


you need to do only ONE "rep",

no matter the weight.

use your emotion but do not lose control.

lift monday through friday, 30 minutes or LESS per session.

your workout will consist of the powerclean&push, loading is progressive, begin by
working up in singles to a weight that's 10k below your max, then lift that for 5 to 9 singles.
3 is the least sets of 1 that you should allow. go for 9 each time. but if you only get 7, do not count it as a failure, you will vary in your ability from day to day.

each week, add some weight, it does not matter how much or little, if you cannot add weight on a given day, skip that workout.   and continue the following day, but always take saturday & sunday off.

EAT plenty of animal protein, and get plenty of rest.

focus on your goal.  

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